1. Creates a Parent/Carer Friendly Washroom

It is important for businesses to cater to families with young children so that they can use the bathroom safely and hygienically. Without these facilities some parents resort to changing the child diaper on the floor. Although important, many businesses across Australia still do not provide baby change tables in their washrooms. As there is an increasing expectation for these services many people with children chose to avoid businesses that they know to lack baby change tables.

2. Hassle-Free

Owning a change table does not require a lot of time and energy. Once installed the units are easily cleaned and maintained and require little maintenance. The benefits of the addition far outweigh the money and time.

3. Long-Lasting

Change tables like the ones we sell last for a very long time. We even sell ours with a 5+ years warranty. So the rewards reaped from providing a changing table in your washroom can be received for many years to come.

4. Increased-Safety

We have already mentioned that some parents resort to changing their child’s diaper on the floor. This increases the chance of injury and illness as there is a risk of tripping over the child, getting stepped on and diseases from the unhygienic surface. Change tables on the other hand provide a safe space and come with an abundance of safety features. These include safety straps for the child, bacteria-resistant surfaces and strong steel hinges.

5. Better Brand/Image

The last reason to invest in baby change facilities for your site is that it looks better for you. Providing what is needed by your customers shows them that you value them and their safety. Conversely, when they attempt to use these facilities and they are not there – or when people witness a child being changed on the floor – this can hurt your image.

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