Cardiac arrests occur more than 22,000 times each year in Australia with the chances of surviving this medical emergency a mere 10%. Vital to the survivability of a cardiac arrest is access to a defibrillation device and a person trained to give CPR.

With early defibrillation and CPR, the chances of survival can rise to 90% or more. A stark contrast to the 2-5% survival rate when the victim received neither.

Time is everything in these types of medical emergencies with the chances of survival dropping 10% each minute that passes. With the average response of an ambulance in Australia being 11 minutes access to Defibrillators has become a crucial focus in our aim to reduce cardiac arrest fatalities in this country.

shsProducts offers a range of user-friendly and cost-effective defibrillators that utilise some of the late technologies in defibrillator automation and shock delivery. With voice guidance and real-time feedback to compressions whilst giving CPR the Heartsine Defibrillators have shown themselves to be a lifesaver in thousands of locations such as shopping centres, gyms, restaurants, offices and more.

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